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Homeschool Art Classes in Grand Rapids, MI

Thank you for choosing I’m An Artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI for your child’s art education.
     Our art class curriculum is based in the fine arts centering around the principles of design and the elements of art, color theory, art vocabulary, skill and tool development and proper and handling of supplies in accordance with the Michigan Academic Standards. 
     Each of our art classes in Grand Rapids, MI are nurturing, encouraging and understanding of the different levels that each age group is at in their artistic journey.  For that reason in each age group, a specific skill set will be honored and polished while learning our lessons and creating our masterpieces. 

     In each session might be: drawing with a variety of markmaking instruments, painting with an assortment of mediums, printmaking with tools and found objects, learning sculpture basics, building with paper mache, composing with mosaic, and more.  

Some of these classes may also include: sewing elements, fiber arts, cement mixing, foraging and observations in town, guest teacher, artists and speakers.

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-At this time, each semester is 16 weeks.
-Due to the nature of scheduling and filling classes, class times and days may change or be dropped due to to attendance.
Thank you for your patiences and fluidity if that occurres. 

If you are working with a partner school, Please Email Me as well as the school regarding interest and space reservation. At this time we partner with: Jenison, Grand Haven, Niles & Saugatuck

Homeschool Art Classes in Grand Rapids, MI

First Semester

Second Semester

Monthly Sewing Courses

Minimum 3 students for class to proceed

Art Curriculum

We will learn about art history in each class session, as well as  pay special attention to specific present day artists to see how they have been historically influenced, and talk about what they are creating to influence the world around us today.While history is key in understanding and appreciating how we got to where we are artistically and in world events, it is also important  to focus on the present day artists as it broadens our scope and helps emerging artists to envision possibilities for future creative growth.Our art class curriculum focuses on the what, where, why, when and how of just a couple major art movements through history.

Beginner Sewing 8+

We offer beginner sewing courses, on rotating Thursdays,  for ages 8+ as a life-skill, as well as a form of artistic expression.  Your student is welcome to bring their own machine to class, or one will be provided.  All supplies are provided however your child is welcome to bring fabric of their choice with them to the final two classes.  Some classes may include a more in-depth look at sewing, alterations and mending depending on the level of the students. In each class we learn machine basics, machine troubleshooting, how to read a pattern, and construction of finished pieces.  Each student will finish a pin cushion, pillow case, tote bag, skirt or lounge pants. 

Teen Art Club 12-19

Teen Art Club for ages 13-19 on Thursday afternoons from 12-2.  This is a time to work on new ideas and projects using what is available in the studio.  This is a great time for sharing with friends, giving and receiving critiques, learning and finding inspiration from others. We will also discuss creating a portfolio, artist statement, and making a website to display your child's work and information your student would like to convey about themselves as they move forward as an artist. Laptop is required for this class.  Teen Art Club is available on a semester-long basis.

Breakfast Club 18-19

In this class we learn about the fascinating world of art history from the dawn of time while recreating famous pieces through our own lens.We will look at how art influenced and was impacted during different time periods all around the world, how one movement gave way to another, where and how great artists from the past found inspiration and gained their skillset that we admire so much today.  We will use what we learn while gathering influences in and around the studio for inspiration in our own work. The Breakfast Club is offered on a semester-long basis.

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