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Q & A

We are very excited to offer artistic enrichment classes for the school year.  

I'm An Artist Community Studio is an independent incubator and while we partner with a variety of homeschools programs, we are not affiliated with any schools, co-ops, religions or organizations.

Inclusivity as a way of life.

I'm An Studio Community Studio is dedicated to respecting, learning, appreciating and honoring every persons path and way of life regardless of race, denomination, orientation or favorite color, for each student as well as their family and friends. 
We teach and promote compassion in our daily lessons with the hopes that the message is carried throughout our students daily lives.
I'm An Artist Community Studio
is a safe-space for everyone. 

Are you affiliated with a religion?

While we welcome all religions and personal choices, I'm An Artist is not affiliated with, teach, nor discuss religion or personal choices outside the studio.
This is part of what makes this a safe space and judgement-free zone.
We use our time in the studio for creativity,  expression and growth and leave the outside world...out there. 

Do you serve the vunerable and neurodivergent population?

We value each and every student, however due to our size and available resources and us always learning, we sometimes need to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.  This allows time to provide proper accomodations. 

Personal student helpers are always welcome in the studio.

If you have any questions at all, we would love to meet and see how we can best serve your student.


We at I'm An Artist Community Studio follow scientific recommendations in regards to vaccinations.
At this time no masks are required to attend classes. 
This is subject to change following scientific recommendations.
If your child has a cold, a temperature, is vomiting or generally not feeling well, please do not attend class. 
We hope everyone can stay strong and healthy and sometimes that means a day of rest.

Addressing World Events

From time to time there are world events that bring about big emotions and students may want to have a discussion about their feelings.

If these times occur we will take the Mr. Rogers approach as well as journal and create art based on our feelings.
Our conversations will remain completely non-partisan as this is a safe space and any judgement, assumtions or bullying is not tolerated.   

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