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Nurturing Creativity

At I'm An Artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI we believe that creativity should be celebrated in all its forms.

Our art classes and art camps are designed to be fun and educational for all ages, from children to adults, and our open studio times are perfect for exploring and enjoying what the studio has to offer

In our dedication to nurturing creativity, also love supporting our eco-friendly local educators, artists, and small businesses who align with our values.

When you stop in the studio, check out our fun variety of products that are perfect for art time at home, gifts, or any other reason to make art (psst...we make art all the time).


Wimee the robot and his friends share stories, music, and games that spark imagination, inspire creative thinking, and encourage a love of learning and trying new things. Each episode is filled with wacky wordplay, silly songs, and playful conversation. Wimee’s Words celebrates the diversity of languages and cultures, uses technology to invite creativity and collaboration, and ultimately fosters a growing community of young learners and creators! 

Wimee Plushie


Wimee Dreams Book


color feel.jpg

Color Feel Collection is the perfect way for people of all ages to mange emotions in a non-verbal manner. 
All The Feels dives into more complex emotions and comes with four more bracelets, including our Thinking Bracelet! When you don't know how you feel, or don't want to say, Color Feel can help you out with All The Feels! Comes with the Happy, Sad, Tired, Mad, Excited, Scared, Silly, Lonely, Empty, and Thinking bracelets!

All the Feels Bracelet Collection  $25.00

Most recently, BPLP partnered with another local eco-freindly maker, My Lovely Muse to create unique and increadably useful beeswax wraps stamped with Louis's awesome work before they were dipped in wax. 
Aren't they cool!? 
My Lovely Muse is dedicated to sustainability in both her work and life.  You will find her teaching at various workshops around town, leading the mending circle at the studio on the second Saturday of every month as well as selling her amazing eco-products at markets all over Michigan or in her garden.

cotton twist.jpg

Cotton Twist craft kits are zero-plastic, suitable for children and are designed and made in the UK. The perfect gift for craft loving kids.

'We are passionate about sustainability and we want to be part of a world in which buying sustainable products becomes the norm rather the exception.'

cotton twist.jpg
cotton twist.jpg

Chunky Watercolor Pencils
Perfect for little hands!

Little Creatures Garden
Comes with chunky watercolor pencils, creatures to color and seeds to plant.  Fun!

Adventure Tokens
Make your own adventure!

Unicorn Garden
Comes with chunky watercolor pencils, creatures to color and seeds to plant.  Cool!

I'm An Artist Take-Home Art Kits

We made some of our birthday party favorites available for you to bring home! 
We made it easy to create a masterpiece, as each kits comes complete with everything you need plus instructions and fun ideas for how to re-use your package. 

Each kit is thoughfully packaged with recyclable and re-useable products.  

Treasure Box

Wall Hanging

Multi-Mediums Wall Art

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