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Summer Art Clubs Grand Rapids, MI

Our summer art clubs in Grand Rapids, MI are for bigger kids (grades 4-8) who want a little extra art in their lives.  Each day we meet from 4:30-5:30 and jump right into our creative topic for the week.
Participants are welcome to bring any supplies they would like, however, it is not necessary.
Please come prepared to enjoy, have fun, and learn.

Please click the link to see which weekly classes your child would like to participate in.

Your child is welcome to bring any supplies they would like from home and each class supplies are included. (students will need either a point-and-shoot or phone for June 19-23) Classes held in outdoor observation may want to bring a towel or chair for seating.

  • June 12-16 Portraits using grids- we will learn how to use grids as tools to scale photos up or down.  Please bring a photo of a person or yourself you would like to work on

  • June 19-23 Composing the World Through Your Lens-photgraphy with Lindsay Ritchie 

  • June 26-30 Landscape Watercolor: Plein Air- learning watercolor techniques and uses in an outdoor setting (Reeds Lake)

  • No Camps/Clubs the week of July 4

  • July 10-14 Hyper-realism using pencils- We will learn and practice taking our time to create an identical piece from a challenging subject.

  • July 17-21 Perspective: town observation- we will get our the rulers while recreating one of the quaint streets in the Village

  • July 24-28 Close observation-Pencil- We will observe, appreciate the small world around the lake, and record our findings in a series of well-thought-out sketches.

  • August 7-11 Perspective-create lands-  While learning perspective, we will create our own creative city-scape