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Studio Space/Hosting

In our consistent effort to bring community together, acknowledge and celebrate each other's creative individuality, talents and offerings, we have a variety of space rentals to choose from to help with your creative journey.  
Please call if you have any questions.

Person working on art in a studio, sip and paint, studio space, art classes, art parties,

Perfect for students and artists that need a space to call their own.  We have two 6x8 ft spaces with storage for your project as well as a large, shared lower space.  Please call for details and for a tour.

Unique Venue Setting

Would you like to have a small intimate show, teach a class or workshop, host a yoga or meditative class?  Give us a call!

Person playing music in a studio, art classes, art parties, sip and paint
Art gallery, art parties, sip and paint, grand rapids, neurodivergence,


You have put in the time and talent, so let us show it off!  

Groups & Ticketed Events

Book Club, Discussion Group, Presentation Place, Meeting you need a unique space to hold space?
Give us a call.

Art Class being taught, sip and paint, watercolor, kids art, art party
Person panting, acrylic, watercolor, art classes, grand rapids

$120/month  for 6x8 or 4x10 space.
Includes storage, key code and 24-hr use and flat storage space

$150/month for downstairs space where projects may be left while working on them. Key code and 24-hr use.

Both areas are accessible while other classes are in session unless otherwise noted./month  for 6x8 or 4x10 space.

person playing guitar, art classes, sip and paint, art party

The studio is a unique setting for workshops, yoga, education classes, etc. 
Rental is the greater of: $100/hr or 20% of tickets sold/total sales.

art gallery, art party, art classes, homeschool art classes, grand rapids, art party

Call for details

person teaching a class, art party, homeschool art, grand rapids, watercolor, acrylic,

Space rentals the higher of $100/hr or 20% of your final sales. 
The studio has 6 6-ft tables and seating for 24 plus a lounge area with extra seating.
We offer a refreshment area of coffee, tea and water as well.

Please get in touch for a tour.

Studio Space

Venue Setting


Groups & Ticketed Events

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