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Call for Art, Gallery Exhibits, and Youth Markets

I'm An Artist Community Studio

Call for Art

Thank you so much for your interest in showing your art at I'm An Artist Community Studio!


Who are we? I'm An Artist Community Studio is a unique creative space located in the heart of Gaslight Village, where artist of all ages and abilities learn, explore and get inspired and have fun.


Our goal is to showcase a variety of talents and abilities in our exhibitions with the mission to keep one's creative spark...sparking, and for eveyone to feel confident in saying, 'I'm An Artist'.


With over 1000sq ft to showcase work, large windows, wonderful lighting and moveable walls, our studio/gallery is a lovely location to showcase both 2-D and 3-D artwork.


Fees: $10.00 per submission

I'm An Artist Community Studio

Hometown Heroes
Heroes can be real people or fictional characters who combat adversity through strength, courage, or ingenuity in the face of danger. 

But, can a place be a hero? Yes.  
Can a thing be a hero? Yes  
Can an action or activity be a hero? Yes 
Can a pet be a hero too? Also Yes. 
Heroes can certainly be people, but it can also be places and things that, no matter how big or small, give us hope and brings us joy.

I'm An Artist Community Studio
I'm An Artist Community Studio

Who are these towering giants and what role do they play in our lives? How have they influenced our memories and shaped us as individuals? Can you envision a world without them?
This exhibit examines the complex relationship we share with these majestic beings.

The Art of Color
Exploring the use of colors to express emotions, engage our senses, and show symbolism in our lives.
This interactive exhibit will be fun and engaging for all ages and abilities. 

Youth Artist & Makers Markets

Do you know a young, aspiring artist or entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about starting a business, getting out there and promoting their brand? This market is for them!

I'm An Artist Community Studio
youth artists and makers market
Youth Artist and makers market
youth artist and makers market
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