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Our sensory-friendly creative times provide a unique and supportive space for neurodiverse children and their families.
Our creative times are designed to be welcoming and inclusive for all-ages and feature a wide range of art and creativity activities.
Our parent and family-run creative times also offer parent support and guidance, helping to create a warm and welcoming community for children and families to explore and express their creativity.
As always, everyone is welcome at all of our classes, however Wednesdays are set aside just for you. 

Do you know of a neurodivergent group who would like to take a field trip to the studio?  Wednesday afternoons are just for you!

Please reach out to set up a time to join us.


Every Wednesday from 6-7:30 we will have a wonderful time of sensory-friendly community and creativity in the studio in Grand Rapids, MI.
Each week we have our tables set with specific topics for guidance, and encourage participants to use a variety of studio supplies, to create unique multi-medium pieces that show the beautiful creativity that your child sees in each of their days.
Our flexible studio encourages movement, flow, exploration, and adjustments for all of our friends.

Creative time is intended from 6-7, followed by community time.
We will be joined by Art Therapist Libby Smith, however, this is not a therapeutic session and is intended for creative freedom, fun, and a time for community. (thus not billable)
Guardians, caregivers,and helpers are welcome and asked to join at no additional cost. 

Photo: Lindsay Ritchie Photography

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