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Class Structure

   Classes at I'm An Artist Community Studio celebrate in not having specific age-ranges, though they are geared toward 12 and up.  Each class is suited for all students, as they will adapt what they are learning into their own version of the goal for the day. 

   You and your student will decide if you feel they are interested in the class, no prerequisites. 

Please be aware of days spent outside and have your child bring what they feel is necessary to be comfortable (camp chair, blanket, easel, water bottle etc)

It should be noted that time at the lake will be a quiet and calm time.  We have been given special permission with the understanding that we will not be disruptive. 

Our day will begin a few minutes after the 'start time', when everyone is settled and comfortable with their supplies.

Check-in and Welcome

We make sure everyone is in class, safe and sound and take a few minutes to greet each other.


We will spend a couple minutes in quiet contemplation on our thought, feeling, goals or a prompt that is given.

Lesson and
Goal for the Day

We will talk about what we will be learning and practicing for that day and how we will go about it.


We will get to work. 


As our time comes to a close we will find a stopping point in our work and begin picking up.

Journal Response

If it is needed, we can use a couple minutes for a journal response or new entry. 

End of Day

We make sure that everyone is safely on their way out the door.

Open Studio

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the studio remains open from 3-4:30 for everyone of all ages.  Your student more than is welcomed to stay for this time.

Please let me know if they plan to stay, and be aware that during this time they are no longer in the official care of I'm An Artist.

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