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But what makes I'm An Artist Community Studio different from other in-person or online art learning experiences?  ​Hearts for the Arts Grand Rapids, MI  Cultivate Grand Rapids, MI  

We invite and encourage experimentation. Art classes in Grand Rapids, MI

We want our students to learn the basics, and then stretch their thinking, make connections across disciplines, and bring their own ideas to the table.  We often ask "what happens when -" because that's when creativity kicks in.  Creativity is useful in all jobs, fields, and everyday life. ​

We operate like a school. Art parties in Grand Rapids, MI

Understanding planes of development and curriculums, we actively teach grade level and social and emotional learning skills that support people outside the art classroom. Art is the lens through which we understand the world. ​Hosting Grand Rapids, MI Event Space in Grand Rapids, MI

We teach to different learning styles. Homeschool art classes grand rapids, MI

We know (and love!) that every person has multiple learning styles.  Some people may be visual learners, others are movement learners, while others are auditory learners.  We believe and follow Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences when we create our curriculums, so every student is seen and respected. I'm An Artist COmmunity Studio in Grand Rapids, MI

We have high-quality materials and provide them for all of our courses. 

The difference in art materials means access, but also quality control and understanding of materials. We do offer material lists, should students also want to purchase their own as well.  ​

We actively teach language of art and design. I'm An artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI

Moving through a lesson, we will explain the "why" and "how" of a technique or practice.  We refer to these as "tools of a toolbox" where students can take these practices and apply them to a piece at home, another class, but most importantly to develop and love their own style. ​

We actively teach art history to all of our classes. Art Classes at I'm An Artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI

In our art history teachings and gallery work, we actively teach contemporary (and mostly living) artists.

Why?  Because we want to connect the public with artists that are working today.  So that our audience can buy from artists today, develop relationships with them, and it furthers the idea that art is a career path that is viable and valued. Art Camps at I'm An Artist Community Studio

We seek to actively decolonize the art canon.

What does this mean?  We know the art "masters" - Monet, Picasso, etc, and we know how often they are taught.  Students and people will learn of their work.  However, we want to provide representation of ALL the voices and stories.  We actively choose to teach artists that are Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, womxn, LGBTQIA+,  and so much more.  This does not mean that we omit movements of art, it means that when we want to teach Impressionism, for example, we find an artist that provides a different model and example. I'm An artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI

A personalized experience - We deeply love our friends and community. 

We get to know the people who come to open studio, events, parents/guardians at classes, adult students, and community supporters. We get to know your names, ask questions, and truly get to know you.  Art Classes at I'm An artist Community Studio

  • Wholehearted respect of the individual is the center of our educational and leadership work.  The ideas, tools, creativity, and experiences that students of all ages have are valuable, seen, and honored.  I'm An artist community studio

  • Independent thinking with support is key.  We create a framework for learning but encourage students to form new ideas, expound on 

  • Art in Grand Rapids, MI making and creative problem solving are critical thinking and prepare students for the complicated, demanding world ahead. I'm An artist community Studio in grand rapids, mi

  • Community-based learning environment - we offer mixed-age classrooms, groups, and opportunities.  Fostering older students to be leaders, and younger students to ask the older students for help and guidance creates a community within the classroom.  Students of all ages are both mentored and trusted to support others in their learning experiences.  

  • Cultivate I'm An Artist Community Studio Grand Rapids, MI believes in connecting community, and does so with a supportive and collaborative connection with faculty, parents/guardians, and staff.  Our parent/guardian connection group supports the leadership team in decision making, course decisions, and 

  • Observation and intrinsic satisfaction:  Our teachers, mentors, and leaders use language based in observation. By offering language in questions and observation, we encourage students to come to new conclusions and ideas, thus ensuring a level of confidence and self-assurance with their educational practice.  Im'm An artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Cultivate's in Grand Rapids, MI  Preschool art I'm An Artists Community StudioYoung Artist Program is a nurturing and engaging experience designed to foster socialization, connection, sensorial learning, and imagination among our youngest participants.

  • Aligned with our program goals, we aim to:

  • 1. Foster Creativity and Self-Expression: Through art-making activities, children have the opportunity to explore lines, shapes, colors, and various artistic forms, cultivating their creativity and enabling self-expression.​

  • 2. Develop Artistic Skills and Techniques: Our program introduces foundational studio-based art techniques, such as watercolor, printmaking, art parties, weaving, and sculpture, providing children with a solid artistic foundation and a diverse range of artistic skills.​

  • 3. Cultivate in Grand Rapids, MI Imagination and Play-Based Learning: We embrace play-based learning as a vehicle for imagination and creativity. Children engage in story shares and art activities inspired by picture books about artists, stimulating their imagination and encouraging artistic exploration.​

  • 4. Promote Positive Group Dynamics and Peer Interaction: Group shares and critiques provide a platform for children to share their artwork, offer positive reinforcement, and practice social skills, fostering a supportive and inclusive group dynamic.​

  • With a small student-to-teacher ratio of 8 children to 1 teacher, our Young Artist Program ensures individualized attention and a supportive learning environment. We are committed to nurturing each child's artistic growth, empowering them to express themselves authentically and embark on their creative journeys with confidence 

  • Have questions about which course to take? Or registration questions? Or need assistance with anything else? We're happy to offer a variety of support, including 1:1 consultations to support your needs. 

  • Foster Creativity and Self-Expression at i'm An Artist community studio:

  • We provide a nurturing environment where students can explore their creativity and express themselves authentically through art.​

  • Develop Foundational Art Skills:

  • Students actively learn essential art skills, including lines, shapes, color theory, composition, drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media techniques. These skills serve as the building blocks for their artistic journey and enable them to create meaningful artwork.​

  • Encourage Critical Thinking:

  • Through art activities and projects, we promote critical thinking skills, allowing students to analyze and interpret their own artwork and the artwork of others. They learn to think creatively, make informed artistic choices, and develop their artistic voice.​

  • Promote Personal Artistic Growth:

  • Our program emphasizes the importance of personal artistic growth. Students are encouraged to take risks, embrace experimentation, and reflect on their creative process. This fosters self-discovery, confidence, and a sense of pride in their artistic accomplishments.​

  • Cultivate a Lifelong Passion for Art: Cultivate at I'm an artist community studio in Grand Rapids, MI

  • We aim to instill a lifelong passion for art in our students. By providing engaging and enriching art experiences, we inspire them to appreciate art, explore different art forms, and continue their artistic journey beyond the program.​

  • Have questions about which course to take? Or registration questions? Or need assistance with anything else? We're happy to offer a variety of support, including 1:1 consultations to support your needs. After school art classes at I'm An Artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Cultivate I'm An Artist Community Studio Teen Program is dedicated to providing a transformative studio-based art learning experience that fosters creativity, develops foundational artistic skills, encourages critical thinking, promotes personal artistic growth, and cultivates a lifelong passion for art.

  • Our comprehensive curriculum creates a nurturing environment for students to explore their creativity, acquire essential techniques, engage in critical analysis, and embark on a journey of personal artistic development. Through hands-on artistic exploration, we aim to unlock self-expression, develop technical skills, foster critical thinking, and inspire a lifelong love for art.​

  • In our Teen Art Program (ages 13-18), our mission is to encourage creative problem-solving, foster artistic exploration and experimentation, and support students in developing critical thought as they respond to art. Teens have the opportunity to engage with their world, their own art, and the art of others, understanding the potential for art to initiate change and respond to change.

  • We aim to provide a platform for adults to pursue their artistic interests, explore new mediums, and develop their skills in a supportive and enriching environment. Our program encourages individuals to embrace their artistic curiosity, discover their unique artistic voice, and build confidence through consistent artistic practice. Through engaging classes and a collaborative community, we empower adults to further their artistic journey and cultivate a lifelong passion for art.​ Sip and paint I'm An Artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, mI

  • We have two specialized programs for adults: "Starting from Scratch" and our Intermediate series titled "Cultivate Academy at I'm An Artist Community Studio." These programs cater to individuals with varying levels of art experience, ensuring that everyone can find a suitable program to meet their needs and interests.​

  • "Starting from Scratch at I'm An Artist Communiy Studio" is specifically designed for absolute beginners who are new to the world of art. This program provides a supportive and welcoming environment where participants can learn the fundamental principles and techniques of art, laying a strong foundation for their artistic journey.​ Art classes at I'm An Artist Community Studio

  • Our Intermediate Series is tailored for adults with some previous art experience.  In this series, participants can continue their artistic growth and progress to more intermediate levels of learning. The program offers opportunities to explore advanced techniques, experiment with different mediums, and expand their artistic horizons.​

  • Both programs foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment, where participants can engage with fellow artists, receive guidance from experienced instructors, and unleash their creative potential. We believe that art is a continuous journey of growth and exploration, and our adult programs aim to inspire individuals at every stage of their artistic development.​

  • Have questions about which course to take? Or registration questions? Or need assistance with anything else? We're happy to offer a variety of support, including 1:1 consultations to support your needs. 

  • LIONARDO ART STUDIO I'm An Artist Community Studio Grand Rapids, MI offers art classes for children and teens that are designed inspire exploration through a variety of art mediums as kids learn about art styles and techniques. Designed for creative and eager young artists, our objective is to expose kids to the fun of art and give them the tools they need to be able to create a lifetime of fearless creativity.

  • Pour-d I'm An Artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI is a place to come together, explore creativity and learn new skills. The studio is an inclusive space that lets creativity shine. Take an art class, learn a new craft or host a creative birthday gathering.  all ages and skill levels welcome.

  • At Hearts for the Arts I'm An Artist Grand Rapids, MI our mission is to enrich the lives of ALL people through inclusive public art classes and group events. We also specialize in disability services which include art therapy, art parties, entrepreneurial training and more. We provide unique classes that keep up with the newest art and design trends and create beyond the canvas to teach projects that use a variety of mediums and techniques. Using simple step-by-step instructions and a person-centered approach, our teachers ensure that people of all ages and abilities can come learn, create and explore their inner artist, together. With our fun and relaxing environment, you’ll be amazed at what you create.

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