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 Adult & Family Art Classes & Workshops in Grand Rapids, MI

  • For Creative Lunch & Learns, please click the button above.  Thank you!

  • How it Works: pick an art class and/or workshop and date that you like, and book it! (please click the button, rather than the image, for sign-ups as some of our classes link to guest artists' sites.  Thank You!)

  • Open Studio & Mending Market are drop-in friendly.  Registration is not required.

  • Each art class is great for beginners and recommended for ages 8+,  with the understanding that there are approximately 2 hours of seated time. (we have things to do for the kids if they are done early)

  • Every member of a group must be pre-registered for an art class in Grand Rapids, MI in order to ensure proper set-up

  • We have complimentary nibbles and drinks available at each class, but you are welcome to bring your own too!

Every Wednesday from 6-7:30 we will have a wonderful time of sensory-friendly community and creativity in the studio.
Guardians, caregivers, and helpers welcome and asked to join at no additional cost. 

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