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Art Camps in Grand Rapids, MI

Art Camps at I'm An Artist Community Studio in Grand Rapids, MI

     In our fun and creative art camps in Grand Rapids, MI, children of all ages will practice creative thinking strategies, try a variety of materials, and processes in new ways, be exposed to traditional art techniques with familiar mediums as well as try new ones, observe and learn from well-known artists throughout history as well as current artists. Children will have the chance to take risks, problem solve, collaborate, and create ideas that they get excited about. Your child will bring home work that represents where they are in their artistic journey.

     The kids will love what we have to to offer in our art camps in Grand Rapids, MI  including: drawing, painting, mural work, guest artists, sewing & needlework, printmaking, craft, puppets, costume, multi-medium work, observation and more! We have Summer art day and evening camps for 1-3rd grade, 4-6 grade and 7-8 grade.

Spring Break Art Camp

Spring break art camp has a very broad theme (Story) with daily inspiration that your child may choose to follow or they can work on their own ideas.  Your child will be their own process art teacher, exploring ideas and working out challenges and trying new ideas, while we will help facilitate with guidance when they need it. 
Each child will have a different outcome at the end of each day and week.  Did they choose to create a village, characters in their story, costume pieces, a dragon out of paper mache?  They decide!
Choose half or full-day options.

Summer Art Camps Day & Evening

We are thrilled to be you and your child another summer of fun and friends, mixed with creativity and exploration. 
We have some of our favorite camps like Fairie, Rainbow and STEAM Camps and we've added a couple new ones and expanded our age ranges just for fun!
We are sure that your camper will have an awesome time meeting new new people and sharing ideas and of course...learning. 
We understand that balancing schedules is tricky so we've made it as easy as possible for your child to have creative fun this summer by offering full and half-day options as well as evening art camps! 
(Evening art camps are a little shorter in time, but just as fun!)

     For both Summer Art Camps in Grand Rapids, MI and Spring Break Art Camps you have a choice of signing up your child for AM/PM or both! (each is a separate transactions) We will have a one-hour open studio/lunch time each day, where your child is welcome to stay if they are attending both daytime camps. Evening campers may get dropped off at 5:45

Summer Art Clubs

Our summer art clubs in Grand Rapids, MI are for bigger kids who want a little extra art in their lives.  Each day we meet from 4:30-5:30 and jump right into our creative topic for the week.
Participants are welcome to bring any supplies they would like, however, it is not necessary.
Please come prepared to enjoy, have fun, and learn. (exception: Photography Club)

Friday Night Art Party Camps in Grand Rapids, MI

 Drop the kids off for a fun night of creativity! At each themed Friday Night Art Pary in Grand Rapids, MI we have 3 activities for your child to have fun learning and creating as well as movie music playing for those who want to relax or dance ...and pizza!
Kids are welcome to come in their jammies for this fun and creative night out of the house. 

We will not be holding our afternoon open studio times during the summer months. 
We would love for you to join us every Satuday from 10-2 for a time of expression, sharing, exploration and community.

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