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What does our day look like?


Our typical day will:

  • start with a wiggle activity, to prepare our bodies

  • we will share one good thing, to prepare our voices

  • read an age appropriate theme story, to prepare our minds

  • have and explanation on our project for the day

  • and 1-2-3 GO!

  • We will wrap up our project 20-30 minutes before pick-up to allow for cleaning up.

We have aprons for the kids to wear during class, but please still have them come in play clothes...because ya  

All of your child's amazing work from the week will be saved until Friday when we will have a


All artwork will be on display from 15 minutes before, till 15 minutes after pick-up time.

(The one exception is Journaling Camp)

Snacks:  While we are not planning to have a 'snack time', if your child needs something to be available, please let us know ahead of time and send it with them. Thank You.

For the health and safety of others, we are a nut-free studio

We will always have healthy drinks available.




For the safety of children, they must be dropped off directly into the studio for check-in and remain inside until picked up, in the studio, by an authorized adult.

If a child needs to leave class early please make that information available at drop-off.

~We will not release a child, for any reason to anyone who is not on the authorized list. 

~We will not allow 'visitors' in the building during class/camp times. 

We take the safety of our and your children very seriously and this rule will be strictly enforced.

Programs offered are not licensed by the Department of Education or any state agency.